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2012 Northern Gateway Bowls Region Inc.  Winner Over 60's Singles - B. Atkins
Victorian Representative Bowling Arm - B. Atkins

2011 Group 10 Champion of Champion: -  Alan Langley
Group 10 60+ Over Singles - G. Burrows

2006 RVBA Under 18 State Singles - M. Vesikko
RVBA Under 18 State Pairs - B. Willoughby, M. Vesikko
RVBA Group 10 Triples - C. Jardine(s), J. O'Donnell Jnr, G. McCracken

2005 RVBA Under 18 Singles - B. Willoughby

2004 RVBA Group 10 Singles - C. Jardine

2003 RVBA State Pairs - C. Jardine, J. O'Donnell (Jnr)
RVBA Group 10 - 60 and over Pairs - J. Milesi, A. Langley

2002 RVBA Group 10 Pairs - B. Menz, K. Leguer.

2001 Group 10 Fours - A. Langley(s), P. Cullis, J. O'Dwyer, J. Foley
Group 10 Singles – M. Armstrong
Group 10 -  60 and Over Singles – A. Langley

1999-2000 CHBA Singles - M.Cowan
CHBA Pairs - M.Armstrong, C.Jardine
CHBA Fours -M.Armstrong, C.Jardine, A.Langley,  G.McCracken


CHBA Pennant Division 1, 3 & 4-
Blue State Premiers Winners Group 1- Division 1- Third in State
CHBA Singles Group Singles Victorian State Singles M.Cowan,
CHBA 60 & Over Singles - R.Thorne

1997-1998 CHBA Fours Championships- C.White (s), W.Marmo (sub), J.Reissig, J.Worledge
Group 1. Fours- C.White (s), M.Armstrong, J.Reissig, J.Worledge
Victorian Country Fours, Runners-up Victorian State Fours-C.White(s), M.Armstrong, J.Reissig, J.Worledge

1996-1997 Division 1. Blue State Premiers Winners Group 1.


CHBA Singles- R.Thorne

1994-1995 Group 1. Fours- M.Routh, P.Daly, J.Thompson, P.Thornton
CHBA Classic Fours- M.Routh, P.Daly, J.Thompson, P.Thornton

1993-1994 Victorian Country Week Champonship Pairs-
M.Routh, P.Thornton
CHBA Classic Fours- P. Mitchell G. East, J. East, L. Parker

1991-1992 CHBA Pairs Group Championship- A.Condie, V.Dodd
CHBA Fours Championship- T.Bohun, G,Marchant, F.Bell, P.Neal

1990 Victorian Master Pairs- J.Cullen (Mentone), L.Wood.
CHBA Pairs; Group Pairs Runners-up Vic. Country
Pairs Championship- G.Thomas, P.Thornton

1989-1990 CHBA Pairs Championship- L.Wood, G.McCracken

1988-1989 Victorian Singles Championship- J.Stoate
CHBA Fours Championship- D.Grossman, A.Gold, R.Pyke R.Lennon

1985-1986 Champion of Champions - N.Petrie

1981-1982 A2 Grade Pennant- J.Davis, P.Jones, L.Davis, J.Warne, F.Norris, J.East, A.Angos, B.Hufler, A.Sowden, E.Carmichael, J.Minnette, R.James, J.Jamieson, I.Murrell, J.McKenzie, A.McKay

1980-1981 A Grade Pennant- J.Fiddes, J.Stoate, S.Coates, T.Dietromonaco, B.Dunn,P.Kavanagh, J.McMahon, J.East
A2 Grade Pennant- G.East, G.Bridgland, A.Stoate,  N.Evans, P.LaFranchi,P.Jones, A.Condie, J.Davis, A.Pollard, E.Carmichael, J.Donohoe, R.Stafford, A.Smith, C.White, M.Routh, H.Kostas

1977-1978 B Grade Pennant- D.Fraser, G.Bridgland, J.Crotty, F.Hayes, J.Jamieson,R.Smith, A.Pollard, I.Branford

1976-1977 B Grade Pennant- D.Fraser, A.Pollard, R.Smith, F.Hayes, W.Pattinson, P.Jones, J.Crotty, J.Jamieson

1974-1975 B Grade Pennant- K.Donaldson, G.Hides, G.Allen, H.Souter, W.Pattinson R.Wallis, T.Rees, G.Pelzer

1973-1974 B Grade Pennant- F.Norris, W.Pattinson, R.Quaife, D.Mitchell, B.Dunn, T.O'Keefe, D.Fraser, G.Pelzer

1967-1968 B Grade Pennant- E.Alderson, J.White, W.Dignam,  M.Moore, J.Donohoe,  H.Gilchrist, H.Newnham, R.Stafford

1964-1965 CHBA Fours- K.Keays, B.Luelf, T.Jones, J.Donohoe
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