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Club Sunbury Closure


In light of the restrictions placed upon us by the Government, in response to the Corona Virus, Club Sunbury will be closed indefinitely as of today, Monday 23 March, 2020.
Thank you to the Sunbury Community, our members and patrons and last but by no means least, our staff for their continued support of our Club.
We will be communication all future updates via our Facebook Page.
We will be back operation as soon as we can, and wish all our community good health and stay safe during this time.


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2012-2013 B. Atkins J. Holmes
2011-2012 B. Atkins J. Holmes
2010-2011 W. Bereshnyi E. Wardley
2009-2010 J. Dick R. Thorne
2008-2009 J. Worledge M. Cowan
2007-2008 M. Vesikko B. Petrie
2006-2007 I. McArdle M. McInnes
2005-2006 A. Smith B. Willoughby
2004-2005 W. Blake G. Burrows
2003-2004 J. O'Donnell (Jnr) A. Langley
2002-2003 R. Brown P. Calthorpe
2001-2002 A. Firth J. Smith
2000-2001 A. Firth J. Smith
1999-2000 W. Marmo C. Jardine
1998-1999 L. Wood G. East
1997-1998 P. Daly J. Thompson
1996-1997 W. Plummer P. Tyquin
1995-1996 T. Eden P. Eden
1994-1995 M. Routh P. Calthorpe
1993-1994 R. Thorne V. Dodd
1992-1993 A. Condie L. Wood
1991-1992 K. Carmichael E. Carmichael
1990-1991 G. Thomas P. Thornton
1989-1990 D. Grossman R. Lonnon
1988-1989 Ray Tebble Rob Tebble
1987-1988 A. McKay A. Smith
1986-1987 D. Grossman J. Warne
1985-1986 N. Evans G. Bridgland
1984-1985 C. White W. Leetch
1983-1984 E. Carmichael K. Carmichael
1981-1982 J. Donohue W. Hole
1980-1981 J. Donohue J. McMahon
1979-1980 J. Davis B. Folks
1978-1979 C. White J. Fiddes
1977-1978 A. Gold G. Bridgland
1976-1977 C. Hall A. Hope
1975-1976 J. Lilley P. La Franchi
1974-1975 L. Boxall S. Coates
1973-1974 H. Souter H. Gilchrist
1972-1973 G. East D. Fraser
1971-1972 W. Wilson A. Stoate
1967-1968 A. Stoate B. Luelf
1966-1967 A. Stoate K. Campbell
1965-1966 M. Moore H. Gilchrist
1964-1965 E. Alderson K. Keays
1961-1962 W. Digham K. Keays
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