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2011-2012 Victorian State Triples -  Carla Odgers, Elise Cowan, Michelle Dick

2010-2011 Group 14 Champion of Champion - Elise Cowan
Victoria Under 25 Singles Champion - Carla Odgers
Australian Under 25 Representative Team (2010 & 2011) - Carla Odgers

2008-2009 Victoria Under 18 Singles Champion - M. Dick

2007-2008 Victorian Champion of Champions - L. Dickenson

2006-2007 Zone 11 Singles Champion: L. Dickenson

2003-2004 Metro Pennant Winners Division A2
A. Hoogwerf, J. Eva, Victorian Under 35 Pairs

2002-2003 Metro Pennant Winners Division B1 & B2

2001-2002 State Fours Group Winners
N. Smith, A. Crodden, R. Thompson, E. Guy
A. Hoogwerf - District State Singles
N. Smith & E. Guy - District Pairs

2000-2001 Group Fours – J. Tyquin, E. McInnes, P. Maplesden, P. McArdle

1998-1999 CHDLBA – Pairs, K. East, E.Guy

1997-1998 CHDLBA – Fours, E. Metcalf, S.Prior, U.Sanders,A. Crodden

1997-1998 CHDLBA – Singles, E.Metcalf

1996-1997 CHDLBA – 4's, V.Corless, N.Jenkins, R.Thompson,

1996-1997 CHDLBA -  Singles, N. Smith

1995-1996 CHDLBA – Group Champion, M. Tuxworth
CHDLBA – Association Fours, M. Trayhurn,J. Allsop, B. Dodd, S. Whelan

1994-1995 N. Smith, V.Wilson, Association Pairs

1994-1995 N. Smith, V.Wilson, Association Pairs

1993-1994 M. Tuxworth, Champion of Champions

1992-1993 B. Kerr, C. Thompson, Associate Pairs
M. Tuxworth, CHDLBA Champion of Champions & District State Singles

1991-1992 M. Tuxworth, L. Gold, District Pairs

1989-1990 B. Kerr, Runner up to Alison Duncan for State Champion
C. Thompson, B. Kerr, District Pairs

1988-1989 B. Kerr, A. Bateman, Associate Pairs

1988-1989 B. Kerr, C.Thompson, P.Dureau,S.Whelan, District Fours

1988-1989 B. Kerr, Champion of Champions

1988-1989 B. Kerr, Victorian Country Champion

1987-1988   N. Smith & D. Newham - District Pairs

1986-1987 B. Kerr, District Singles - Champion

1985-1986 B. Kerr, Champion of Champions

1984-1985 B. Kerr, Champion of Champions
B. Kerr & A. Bateman - District Pairs

1983-1984 B. Kerr, Champion of Champions

1982-1983 M. Collins & J. Forbes - District Pairs

1974-1975 Jessie Monkhouse, Champion of Champions

1971-1972 Jessie Monkhouse, Champion of Champions
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